Yoga Healing Therapy

Yoga classes in Holland Park, West London and online.

Why Exercise with us?

Hello and welcome to Yoga Healing Therapy, located in Holland Park and Notting Hill offering a range of Yoga classes in Kensington and Chelsea , and covering Central and West London area.

We offer new Yoga classes for total beginners as well as more intermediate including:
Vinyasa yoga
Hatha yoga
Yin yoga
Restorative yoga
Yoga Nidra
Thai yoga massage
Relationship coa
... ch
Health coach
We now offer virtual yoga on Skype for one to one and Zoom for group classes.
Practise yoga in the comfort of your home.

We offer yoga for Corporate and One to One .
The advantage of One to One yoga is that your individual needs are met through a specific program designed just for you combined with some coaching strategies to help you on your ever growing and expandable journey towards fulfilment and happiness.
Your willingness and commitment to improve and change your present condition is the key for your optimal overall health.

Depending on the client's condition a combination of the following treatments and techniques will be recommended.
Yoga poatures - asanas
Breathing techniques - Prananyama
Relaxation - Shavasana
Meditation - Dhyana
Yogic sleep - Yoga nidra

Benefits of practising yoga:
Increase strength
Release stress
Higher level of energy
Better sleep
Increase relationship

See schedule for booking online live yoga classes
Classes at Holland park are being postponed
Insured By: Dscstrad

Insured By: Dscstrad
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